B. The Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and DFPS have been addressing disproportionality at the statewide level since 2005. In 2010, HHSC created the Center for Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities to partner with health and human services agencies, external stakeholders, other systems, and communities to identify and eliminate disproportionality and disparities affecting children, families, and disparately impacted individuals. In 2017, the official name was changed to the Office of Minority Health Statistics and Engagement (OMHSE). The OMHSE works to identify the systemic factors and practice improvements that address the disproportionate representation and disparate outcomes for children, families, and disparately impacted individuals in the state's health and human services programs.[15]

The OMHSE partners with CPS to continue promoting equity within the child welfare system. Specific CPS practices include:

•   Developing and delivering cultural competency training to service delivery staff;

•   Increasing targeted recruitment efforts of foster and adoptive families who can meet the needs of children who are waiting for permanent homes;

•   Targeting recruitment efforts to ensure diversity among CPS staff; and

•   Developing collaborative partnerships with community groups, agencies, faith-based organizations and other community organizations to provide culturally competent services to children and families of every race and ethnicity.