J. Orders of Contempt

Orders of contempt must:

•   Be in writing, definite, and certain[40]

•   Clearly state in what respect the court's earlier order was violated[41]

•   Notify the contemnor of how he violated the previous order[42]

•   Be signed by the judge within a short, reasonable time after finding of contempt[43]

•   If it is punitive, it must specify the exact punishment imposed[44]

•   If it is coercive it must clearly state what the contemnor must do to purge himself of contempt[45]

If the contemnor is to be incarcerated, the orders of contempt must be accompanied by an order of commitment, and no person may be held for contempt without a written order of commitment. Orders of commitment must provide the precise punishment assessed or, in the case of coercive contempt, the things contemnor must do to be purged of contempt.[46]