B. Children with Disabilities in DFPS care

Children with disabilities in DFPS conservatorship must be provided with a placement and services to meet their needs. Relevant DFPS handbook policies include:

•   4117 Specific Placement Considerations for Children or Youth Who Have Primary Medical Needs

•   4118 Additional Actions for Placing Children with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

•   4131.1 Durable Medical Equipment

•   6237 Permanency Planning for Children with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities in Institutional Settings

•   10340 Preparation for Long-Term Care or Support in Adulthood for Youth with Disabilities

For additional information, please see DFPS Mental Health Resource Guide.

DFPS Developmental Disability Specialists are the main point of contact for information about serving children with disabilities in the child welfare system. Responsibilities for the Developmental Disability Specialist are outlined in the CPS Policy Handbook § 6411.31 and 6411.4.