D. What Resources are Available for Children and Adults with Disabilities?

•   Disability Rights Texas (DRTX) provides legal representation and advocacy for individuals with disabilities.[105] DRTX can help caregivers and caseworkers advocate for services for a child with disabilities in the school system or appeal denials of Medicaid services, may be appointed as a child's ad litem or “surrogate parent,” or may advocate on behalf of parents or foster parents with disabilities.

•   EveryChild Inc. provides assistance and support for children with disabilities to reside in a family setting.[106]

•   Texas Health and Human Services Disability webpage includes disability-related resources and information.[107]

•   Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) is a Medicaid waiver program that provides services and support for individuals with intellectual disabilities.[108]

•   The Judicial Commission on Mental Health Texas Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Law Bench Book is a procedural guide for Texas judges hearing cases regarding persons with mental illness and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).[109]

•   Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authorities (LIDDA) and Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHA) support children and adults in crisis. Local LIDDA and LMHA contacts are available on the Texas Health and Human Services webpage at Contact HHS webpage.[110]

•   Navigate Life Texas is a website developed by HHS to explain resources for families with children who have disabilities and special health care needs.[111]