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Key STAR Health Phone Numbers


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Superior HealthPlan Network Member Services Hotline


Managed Care Ombudsman


HHSC Nonemergency Medical Transportation Services

Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services provide nonemergency medical transportation services for youth who do not have a way to get to covered health care services. NEMT services allows the youth to arrange a ride to a doctor's office, dentist's office, hospital, drug store, or any place that provides covered health care services. Types of rides and related covered expenses include:

•   Public transportation (for example, the city bus);

•   A taxi or van service;

•   Commercial transit, like a bus or plane, to go to another city for an appointment;

•   Money for gas;

•   Meals and lodging for children and youth 20 and younger staying overnight to get covered health care services; and

•   Payment for some out-of-state travel

If STAR Health youth need medical transportation services, it is recommended to contact the SafeRide Appointments/Call Center at 1-855-932-2318; TTY: 7-1-1. If there is a complaint about services, it is recommended to contact the phone number on the back of the member ID card.