When a child is in the permanent managing conservatorship of DFPS, the court must periodically review the case to ensure that the child's needs are being met and that efforts to obtain permanency for the child are ongoing. As long as the child remains in the permanent managing conservatorship of DFPS, whether or not parental rights have been terminated, the court must continue to review the status of the child until the child permanently leaves the managing conservatorship of DFPS through adoption, appointment of a person as managing conservator, or transitioning out of care upon the child's 18th birthday or graduation from high school, whichever occurs later. In some instances, young adults will voluntarily remain in extended foster care until their 21st birthday.

The Texas Family Code envisions continued efforts to achieve permanency for a child, even after the appointment of DFPS as permanent managing conservator. This includes changing the terminology regarding this hearing to emphasize the need to seek permanency for a youth until the youth leaves care, even if DFPS has permanent managing conservatorship.

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Permanency Hearing After Final Order Checklist.