Subchapter M: Toward Excellence, Access, & Success (Texas) Grant Program

Sec. 56.301
Sec. 56.302
Program Name; Purpose
Sec. 56.303
Administration of Program
Sec. 56.304
Initial Eligibility for Grant
Sec. 56.3041
Initial Eligibility of Person Graduating from High School on Or After May 1, 2013
Sec. 56.3042
Initial Qualification of Person on Track to Meet Eligibility Requirements
Sec. 56.3045
Tolling of Eligibility for Initial Award
Sec. 56.305
Continuing Eligibility and Academic Performance Requirements
Sec. 56.306
Grant Use
Sec. 56.307
Grant Amount
Sec. 56.3071
Effect of Eligibility for Tuition Equalization Grant
Sec. 56.3075
Health Care Profession Student Grant
Sec. 56.308
Notification of Program; Responsibilities of School Districts
Sec. 56.310
Sec. 56.311
Legislative Oversight Committee