Subchapter A: General Provisions

Sec. 263.001
Sec. 263.002
Review of Placements By Court; Findings
Sec. 263.0021
Notice of Hearing; Presentation of Evidence
Sec. 263.0025
Special Education Decision-Making for Children in Foster Care
Sec. 263.003
Information Relating to Placement of Child
Sec. 263.004
Notice to Court Regarding Education Decision-Making
Sec. 263.0045
Education in Home Setting for Foster Children
Sec. 263.005
Enforcement of Family Service Plan
Sec. 263.006
Warning to Parents
Sec. 263.0061
Notice to Parents of Right to Counsel
Sec. 263.007
Report Regarding Notification of Relatives
Sec. 263.008
Foster Children's Bill of Rights
Sec. 263.009
Permanency Planning Meetings