Subchapter B: Foster Care

Sec. 264.101
Foster Care Payments
Sec. 264.1015
Liability of Child's Estate for Foster Care
Sec. 264.102
County Contracts
Sec. 264.103
Direct Payments
Sec. 264.104
Parent Or Guardian Liability
Sec. 264.1061
Foster Parent Performance
Sec. 264.107
Placement of Children
Sec. 264.1072
Educational Stability
Sec. 264.1075
Assessing Needs of Child
Sec. 264.1076
Medical Examination Required
Sec. 264.1085
Foster Care Placement in Compliance with Federal Law Required
Sec. 264.109
Assignment of Support Rights in Substitute Care Cases
Sec. 264.110
Prospective Foster Or Adoptive Parent Statement
Sec. 264.112
Report on Children in Substitute Care
Sec. 264.113
Foster Parent Recruitment
Sec. 264.114
Immunity from Liability; Adverse Departmental Action Prohibited
Sec. 264.115
Returning Child to School
Sec. 264.116
Texas Foster Grandparent Mentors
Sec. 264.118
Annual Survey
Sec. 264.120
Discharge Notice
Sec. 264.121
Transitional Living Services Program
Sec. 264.1211
Career Development and Education Program
Sec. 264.1212
Facilitation of Transition to Institution of Higher Education
Sec. 264.1213
Records and Documents for Children Aging Out of Foster Care
Sec. 264.122
Court Approval Required for Travel Outside United States By Child in Foster Care
Sec. 264.123
Reports Concerning Children Who Are Missing Or Victims of Sex Trafficking
Sec. 264.124
Day Care for Foster Child
Sec. 264.125
Age-Appropriate Normalcy Activities; Standard of Care
Sec. 264.1251
Summer Internship Pilot Program
Sec. 264.1261
Foster Care Capacity Needs Plan
Sec. 264.128
Single Child Plan of Service Initiative
Sec. 264.130
Pregnancy and Parenting Information