Subchapter B-1: Community-Based Care

Sec. 264.151
Legislative Intent
Sec. 264.152
Sec. 264.153
Community-Based Care Implementation Plan
Sec. 264.154
Qualifications of Single Source Continuum Contractor; Selection
Sec. 264.155
Required Contract Provisions
Sec. 264.156
Readiness Review Process for Community-Based Care Contractor
Sec. 264.157
Expansion of Community-Based Care
Sec. 264.158
Transfer of Case Management Services to Single Source Continuum Contractor
Sec. 264.159
Data Access and Standards Governance Council
Sec. 264.160
Liability Insurance Requirements
Sec. 264.161
Statutory Duties Assumed By Contractor
Sec. 264.162
Review of Contractor Performance
Sec. 264.163
Continuing Duties of Department
Sec. 264.164
Sec. 264.165
Notice Required for Early Termination of Contract
Sec. 264.166
Contingency Plan in Event of Early Contract Termination
Sec. 264.167
Attorney-Client Privilege
Sec. 264.168
Review of Contractor Recommendations By Department
Sec. 264.169
Pilot Program for Family-Based Safety Services
Sec. 264.170
Limited Liability for Single Source Continuum Contractor and Related Personnel