Subchapter E: Registry of Paternity

Sec. 160.401
Establishment of Registry
Sec. 160.402
Registration for Notification
Sec. 160.403
Notice of Proceeding
Sec. 160.404
Termination of Parental Rights: Failure to Register
Sec. 160.411
Required Form
Sec. 160.412
Furnishing of Information; Confidentiality
Sec. 160.413
Offense: Unauthorized Release of Information
Sec. 160.414
Rescission of Registration
Sec. 160.415
Untimely Registration
Sec. 160.416
Fees for Registry
Sec. 160.421
Search of Appropriate Registry
Sec. 160.422
Certificate of Search of Registry
Sec. 160.423
Admissibility of Certificate