Subchapter D: Investigations

Sec. 261.301
Investigation of Report
Sec. 261.3011
Joint Investigation Guidelines and Training
Sec. 261.3013
Case Closure Agreements Prohibited
Sec. 261.3015
Alternative Response System
Sec. 261.3016
Training of Personnel Receiving Reports of Abuse and Neglect
Sec. 261.3017
Abbreviated Investigation and Administrative Closure of Certain Cases
Sec. 261.3017
Consultation with Physician Networks and Systems Regarding Certain Medical Conditions
Sec. 261.302
Conduct of Investigation
Sec. 261.3021
Casework Documentation and Management
Sec. 261.3022
Child Safety Check Alert List
Sec. 261.3023
Law Enforcement Response to Child Safety Check Alert
Sec. 261.3024
Removal from Child Safety Check Alert List
Sec. 261.3025
Child Safety Check Alert List Progress Report
Sec. 261.303
Interference with Investigation; Court Order
Sec. 261.3031
Failure to Cooperate with Investigation; Department Response
Sec. 261.3032
Interference with Investigation; Criminal Penalty
Sec. 261.304
Investigation of Anonymous Report
Sec. 261.305
Access to Mental Health Records
Sec. 261.306
Removal of Child from State
Sec. 261.307
Information Relating to Investigation Procedure
Sec. 261.3071
Informational Manuals
Sec. 261.308
Submission of Investigation Report
Sec. 261.309
Review of Department Investigations
Sec. 261.310
Investigation Standards
Sec. 261.311
Notice of Report
Sec. 261.312
Review Teams; Offense
Sec. 261.3125
Child Safety Specialists
Sec. 261.3126
Colocation of Investigators
Sec. 261.314
Sec. 261.315
Removal of Certain Investigation Information from Records
Sec. 261.316
Exemption from Fees for Medical Records