Subchapter E: Obligations for Exposition and Convention Halls in Municipalities with Population of 290,000 Or More

Sec. 1504.201
Applicability of Subchapter
Sec. 1504.202
Authority for Exposition and Convention Halls
Sec. 1504.203
Authority to Issue Bonds, Notes, and Warrants
Sec. 1504.204
Pledge of Income
Sec. 1504.205
Obligations Not Payable from Taxes
Sec. 1504.206
Operating Expenses As First Lien
Sec. 1504.207
Charges for Services
Sec. 1504.208
Use of Income for Other Purposes Prohibited
Sec. 1504.209
Management and Control
Sec. 1504.210
Sec. 1504.211
Sec. 1504.212
Notice to Governing Body Before Foreclosure Or Other Action