Subtitle D: State Purchasing and General Services

Chapter 2151
General Provisions
Chapter 2152
Texas Facilities Commission
Chapter 2155
Purchasing: General Rules and Procedures
Chapter 2156
Purchasing Methods
Chapter 2157
Purchasing: Purchase of Automated Information Systems
Chapter 2158
Purchasing: Miscellaneous Provisions for Purchase of Certain Goods and Services
Chapter 2161
Historically Underutilized Businesses
Chapter 2163
Commercially Available Activities
Chapter 2165
State Buildings, Grounds, and Property
Chapter 2166
Building Construction and Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property
Chapter 2167
Lease of Space for State Agencies
Chapter 2170
Telecommunications Services
Chapter 2171
Travel and Vehicle Fleet Services
Chapter 2172
Miscellaneous General Services Provided By Comptroller
Chapter 2175
Surplus and Salvage Property
Chapter 2176