Chapter 323: Texas Legislative Council

Sec. 323.001
Creation and Membership
Sec. 323.003
Sec. 323.004
Expenses of Members
Sec. 323.005
Council Expenditures; Salaries
Sec. 323.006
Powers and Duties
Sec. 323.007
Statutory Revision Program
Sec. 323.008
Statutory Revision Advisory Committee
Sec. 323.009
Orientation for Members-Elect
Sec. 323.010
Investigations and Surveys
Sec. 323.011
Sec. 323.012
Assistance from Other Agencies
Sec. 323.014
Computer Access, Information, and Use
Sec. 323.0145
Electronic Availability of Legislative Information Through the Internet
Sec. 323.015
Computer Security; Penalty
Sec. 323.016
Gifts and Grants
Sec. 323.017
Confidential and Privileged Communications
Sec. 323.018
Records of Drafting and Other Requests
Sec. 323.019
Statistical and Demographic Information and Studies
Sec. 323.020
Contracts to Perform Statistical Or Demographic Analysis; Confidentiality
Sec. 323.021
Legislative Office Records