Subtitle G: Corrections

Chapter 491
Texas Board of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Criminal Justice: General Provisions
Chapter 492
Texas Board of Criminal Justice: General Duties; Membership
Chapter 493
Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Organization
Chapter 494
Institutional Division: Policy, Director, and Staff
Chapter 495
Contracts for Correctional Facilities and Services
Chapter 496
Land and Property
Chapter 497
Industry and Agriculture; Labor of Inmates
Chapter 498
Inmate Classification and Good Time
Chapter 499
Population Management; Special Programs
Chapter 500
Miscellaneous Disciplinary Matters
Chapter 501
Inmate Welfare
Chapter 507
State Jail Division
Chapter 508
Parole and Mandatory Supervision
Chapter 509
Community Justice Assistance Division
Chapter 510
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
Chapter 511
Commission on Jail Standards