Chapter 509: Community Justice Assistance Division

Sec. 509.001
Sec. 509.002
Sec. 509.003
Standards and Procedures
Sec. 509.004
Records, Reports, and Information Systems
Sec. 509.0041
Use of Risk and Needs Assessment Instrument
Sec. 509.005
Inspections; Audits; Evaluations
Sec. 509.006
Community Corrections Facilities
Sec. 509.007
Strategic Plan
Sec. 509.0071
Commitment Reduction Plan
Sec. 509.008
Officer Certification
Sec. 509.009
Sec. 509.010
Public Meeting
Sec. 509.011
Payment of State Aid
Sec. 509.012
Refusal Or Suspension of State Aid
Sec. 509.013
Grant Program Administration
Sec. 509.014
Study Regarding Performance-Based Funding
Sec. 509.015
Treatment Standards for Certain State Jail Felonies
Sec. 509.016
Prison Diversion Progressive Sanctions Program
Sec. 509.017
Special Allocation for Certain Defendants Placed on State Jail Felony Community Supervision
Sec. 509.018
Family Violence Pretrial Diversion Pilot Program