Subtitle B: State Officers and Employees

Chapter 651
General Provisions
Chapter 652
Chapter 653
Bonds Covering Certain State Officers and Employees
Chapter 654
Position Classification
Chapter 655
Merit Selection
Chapter 656
Job Notices and Training
Chapter 657
Veteran's Employment Preferences
Chapter 658
Hours of Labor
Chapter 659
Chapter 660
Travel Expenses
Chapter 661
Chapter 662
Holidays and Recognition Days, Weeks, and Months
Chapter 663
Child Care Services for State Employees
Chapter 664
State Employees Health Fitness and Education
Chapter 665
Impeachment and Removal
Chapter 666
Recovering Excess Compensation Paid to a State Officer Or Employee
Chapter 667
Multiple Employments with State
Chapter 668
Membership Dues
Chapter 669
Restrictions on Certain Actions Involving Executive Head of State Agency
Chapter 670
Human Resources Staffing and Functions
Chapter 671
Health Services in State Office Complexes
Chapter 672
Employment Preference for Former Foster Children
Chapter 673
Verification of Employee Information