Subchapter C: Training

Sec. 656.041
Short Title
Sec. 656.042
Findings and Purpose
Sec. 656.043
Sec. 656.044
Public Funds for Training and Education
Sec. 656.045
Required Attendance at Program
Sec. 656.046
Purposes of Program
Sec. 656.047
Payment of Program and Certification Examination Expenses
Sec. 656.048
Rules Relating to Training and Education
Sec. 656.049
Authority to Contract
Sec. 656.050
Training in Contract Negotiation for Purchases of Information Resources Technologies
Sec. 656.051
Training and Certification of State Agency Purchasing Personnel and Vendors
Sec. 656.052
Training and Certification for Contract Managers
Sec. 656.053
Training for Governing Bodies
Sec. 656.054
Purchasing and Contract Management Training By Comptroller
Sec. 656.055
Purchasing and Contract Management Training By Agency