Subchapter B: Salary Amounts; Overtime and Compensatory Time

Sec. 659.011
Salaries Set in Appropriations Act
Sec. 659.012
Judicial Salaries
Sec. 659.0125
Salary for District Judge Or Retired Judge Presiding Over Multidistrict Litigation
Sec. 659.013
Statutory Salaries Suspended
Sec. 659.014
Suspended Laws Continued in Effect
Sec. 659.015
Overtime Compensation for Employees Subject to Fair Labor Standards Act
Sec. 659.0155
Payment to Employees of Texas Department of Criminal Justice for Overtime
Sec. 659.016
Overtime Compensation for Employees Not Subject to Fair Labor Standards Act; Reductions in Pay
Sec. 659.017
Overtime Compensation for Legislative Employees
Sec. 659.018
Compensatory Time: Place Where Work Performed
Sec. 659.019
Part-Time and Hourly Employment
Sec. 659.020
Salary Supplementation
Sec. 659.0201
Gifts, Grants, and Donations for Salary Supplement; Reporting
Sec. 659.021
Administrative Head of Agency
Sec. 659.022
Use of Compensatory Time Before Lapsing
Sec. 659.023
Compensatory Time Policy
Sec. 659.024
Compensatory Time for Persons Governing State Agencies
Sec. 659.025
Use of Compensatory Time By Certain Emergency Services Personnel; Optional Overtime Payment
Sec. 659.026
Information Regarding Staff Compensation