Subchapter I: Charitable Contributions

Sec. 659.131
Sec. 659.1311
Public Junior Colleges
Sec. 659.132
Deduction Authorized
Sec. 659.133
Voluntary Participation
Sec. 659.134
Designation of an Eligible Charitable Organization
Sec. 659.135
Sec. 659.136
Revocation Or Change of Authorization
Sec. 659.137
Duration of Deduction
Sec. 659.138
Time of Campaign
Sec. 659.139
Fair and Equitable Management of Campaign
Sec. 659.140
State Employee Charitable Campaign Policy Committee
Sec. 659.1401
Grounds for Removal from State Policy Committee
Sec. 659.1402
Training for State Policy Committee Members
Sec. 659.141
State Campaign Manager
Sec. 659.142
State Employee Charitable Campaign Advisory Committee
Sec. 659.145
Terms of Committee Members; Compensation
Sec. 659.146
Eligibility of Charitable Organizations in General; Eligibility of Federations and Funds for Statewide Participation
Sec. 659.147
Eligibility of Charitable Organizations for Local Participation
Sec. 659.148
Sec. 659.149
Fund-Raising Practices
Sec. 659.150
Limitation on the Use of Contributions
Sec. 659.151
Misapplication of Contributions; Audit
Sec. 659.153
Legal Representation