Subchapter F: Miscellaneous Administrative Procedures

Sec. 825.501
Statement of Amount in Individual Accounts
Sec. 825.502
Payment of Contributions to a Member Absent from Service
Sec. 825.503
Reproduction and Preservation of Records
Sec. 825.504
Employer Certification to Board
Sec. 825.505
Sec. 825.506
Plan Qualification
Sec. 825.507
Record Confidentiality
Sec. 825.508
Powers of Attorney
Sec. 825.509
Direct Rollovers
Sec. 825.511
Complaint Files
Sec. 825.512
Investment Practices and Performance Reports
Sec. 825.513
Information for Publication
Sec. 825.514
Historically Underutilized Business
Sec. 825.515
Information About Member Positions
Sec. 825.516
Nonprofit Association Dues
Sec. 825.517
Excess Benefit Arrangement
Sec. 825.519
Electronic Information
Sec. 825.520
Immunity from Liability
Sec. 825.521
Deadline to Appeal Final Administrative Decision