Chapter 122: Purchasing from People with Disabilities

Sec. 122.001
Sec. 122.0012
Sunset Provision
Sec. 122.002
Sec. 122.0057
Advisory Committee
Sec. 122.0058
Application of Open Meetings Law, Open Records Law, and Administrative Procedure Law to Advisory Committee
Sec. 122.007
Fair Market Price; Purchasing Procedures
Sec. 122.0075
Minimum Wage Plan
Sec. 122.0076
Wage Requirements
Sec. 122.008
Procurement at Determined Price
Sec. 122.009
Sec. 122.0095
Agency Compliance; Nonprogram Purchasing Report
Sec. 122.010
Cooperation with Department of Criminal Justice
Sec. 122.011
Correlation with Related Federal Programs
Sec. 122.012
Duties of Comptroller; Interagency Cooperation
Sec. 122.013
Sec. 122.014
Product Specifications
Sec. 122.015
Determinations of Fair Market Value
Sec. 122.016
Sec. 122.017
Procurement for Political Subdivisions
Sec. 122.018
Political Subdivisions Excluded
Sec. 122.019
Central Nonprofit Agency
Sec. 122.020
Consumer Information; Complaints
Sec. 122.0205
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Sec. 122.0215
Access to Information and Records; Inspection
Sec. 122.022
Sec. 122.023
Sec. 122.024
Strategic Plan; Final Operating Plan
Sec. 122.026
Application of Other Law
Sec. 122.028
Program Promotion
Sec. 122.029
Duties of State Auditor
Sec. 122.030
Management Fee Rate; Review Process