Chapter 73: Early Childhood Intervention Services

Sec. 73.001
Sec. 73.003
Strategic Plan
Sec. 73.004
Advisory Committee
Sec. 73.0041
Advisory Committee Duties
Sec. 73.0045
Commissioner's Powers and Duties; Effect of Conflict with Other Law
Sec. 73.005
Issues Related to Intervention Services; Legislative Proposals
Sec. 73.0051
Powers and Duties of Executive Commissioner and Department Under Chapter
Sec. 73.006
Reimbursement for Expenses
Sec. 73.007
Public Awareness and Training
Sec. 73.008
Early Identification Strategy
Sec. 73.009
Referral for Services
Sec. 73.010
Eligibility for Services
Sec. 73.011
Provider Selection
Sec. 73.022
Sec. 73.024
Application of Open Meetings Law, Open Records Law, and Administrative Procedure Law to Advisory Committee