Chapter 81: Functions of Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Relating to Persons Who Are Deaf Or Hard of Hearing

Sec. 81.001
Sec. 81.0055
Commissioner's Powers and Duties; Effect of Conflict with Other Law
Sec. 81.006
Duties and Powers of Department and Executive Commissioner Under Chapter
Sec. 81.007
Board for Evaluation of Interpreters
Sec. 81.0071
Examination Results
Sec. 81.0072
Revocation Or Suspension of Certificate
Sec. 81.0073
Certificate Renewal
Sec. 81.0074
Provisional Certificate
Sec. 81.013
Private Outdoor Training Programs for Children Who Are Deaf Or Hard of Hearing
Sec. 81.015
Sec. 81.016
Contracts for Services
Sec. 81.017
Memorandum of Understanding
Sec. 81.019
Symbols Or Other Forms of Identification for Persons with Hearing Impairments
Sec. 81.020
Assistance Regarding Telecommunications Devices
Sec. 81.021
Specialized License Plate Program