Texas Penal Code (selections): As effective September 1, 2015

Chapter 1 : General Provisions
Sec. 1.01
Short Title
Sec. 1.02
Objectives of Code
Sec. 1.03
Effect of Code
Sec. 1.04
Territorial Jurisdiction
Sec. 1.05
Construction of Code
Sec. 1.06
Computation of Age
Sec. 1.07
Sec. 1.08
Sec. 1.09
Concurrent Jurisdiction Under This Code to Prosecute Offenses That Involve State Property
Chapter 15 : Preparatory Offenses
Sec. 15.01
Criminal Intent
Sec. 15.02
Criminal Conspiracy
Sec. 15.03
Criminal Solicitiation
Sec. 15.031
Criminal Solitication of a Minor
Sec. 15.04
Renunciation Defense
Sec. 15.05
No Offense
Chapter 19 : Criminal Homicide
Sec. 19.01
Types of Criminal Homicide
Sec. 19.02
Sec. 19.03
Capital Murder
Sec. 19.04
Sec. 19.05
Criminally Negligent Homicide
Sec. 19.06
Applicability to Certain Conduct
Chapter 20a : Trafficking of Persons
Sec. 20A.01
Sec. 20A.02
Trafficking of Persons
Sec. 20A.03
Continuous Trafficking of Persons
Chapter 21 : Sexual Offenses
Sec. 21.01
Sec. 21.02
Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Child Or Children
Sec. 21.06
Homosexual Conduct
Sec. 21.07
Public Lewdness
Sec. 21.08
Indecent Exposure
Sec. 21.11
Indecency with A Child
Sec. 21.12
Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student
Sec. 21.15
Improper Photography Or Visual Recording
Chapter 22 : Assaultive Offenses
Sec. 22.01
Sec. 22.011
Sexual Assault
Sec. 22.02
Aggravated Assault
Sec. 22.021
Aggravated Sexual Assault
Sec. 22.04
Injury to A Child, Elderly Individual, Or Disabled Individual
Sec. 22.041
Abandoning Or Endangering Child
Sec. 22.05
Deadly Conduct
Sec. 22.06
Consent As Defense to Assaultive Conduct
Sec. 22.07
Terroristic Threat
Sec. 22.08
Aiding Suicide
Sec. 22.09
Tampering with Consumer Product
Sec. 22.10
Leaving A Child in A Vehicle
Sec. 22.11
Harassment By Persons in Certain Correctional Facilities; Harassment of Public Servant
Sec. 22.12
Applicability to Certain Conduct
Chapter 25 : Offenses Against the Family
Sec. 25.01
Sec. 25.02
Prohibited Sexual Conduct
Sec. 25.03
Interference with Child Custody
Sec. 25.031
Agreement to Abduct from Custody
Sec. 25.04
Enticing A Child
Sec. 25.05
Criminal Nonsupport
Sec. 25.06
Harboring Runaway Child
Sec. 25.07
Violation of Certain Court Orders Or Conditions of Bond in A Family Violence, Sexual Assault Or Abuse, Stalking, Or Trafficking Case
Sec. 25.071
Violation of Protective Order Preventing Offense Caused By Bias Or Prejudice
Sec. 25.072
Repeated Violation of Certain Court Orders Or Conditions of Bond in Family Violence Case
Sec. 25.08
Sale Or Purchase of Child
Sec. 25.09
Advertising for Placement of Child
Sec. 25.10
Interference with Rights of Guardian of the Person
Sec. 25.11
Continuous Violence Against the Family
Chapter 43 : Public Indecency
Subchapter A
Subchapter B