Chapter 22: Assaultive Offenses

Sec. 22.01
Sec. 22.011
Sexual Assault
Sec. 22.02
Aggravated Assault
Sec. 22.021
Aggravated Sexual Assault
Sec. 22.04
Injury to A Child, Elderly Individual, Or Disabled Individual
Sec. 22.041
Abandoning Or Endangering Child
Sec. 22.05
Deadly Conduct
Sec. 22.06
Consent As Defense to Assaultive Conduct
Sec. 22.07
Terroristic Threat
Sec. 22.08
Aiding Suicide
Sec. 22.09
Tampering with Consumer Product
Sec. 22.10
Leaving A Child in A Vehicle
Sec. 22.11
Harassment By Persons in Certain Correctional Facilities; Harassment of Public Servant
Sec. 22.12
Applicability to Certain Conduct