Sec. 316.002: Permitted Improvements Or Facilities on Municipal Street

(a) The governing body of a municipality may permit a person described by Subsection (b) to use property in the municipality on which a municipal street is located for the establishment or maintenance of:

(1) trees or decorative landscaping, including landscaping lighting, watering systems, or other accessories for the maintenance of the trees or landscaping;

(2) a sidewalk cafe that is:

(A) contiguous to a restaurant in which food preparation, sanitation, and related services for the cafe are performed; and

(B) open to the air, except for any canopy, and not enclosed by fixed walls;

(3) an ornamental gate, column, or other ornamental work denoting the entrance to a neighborhood or platted and recorded subdivision;

(4) a supportive or decorative column, arch, or other structural or decorative feature of a building that is:

(A) of historical value or of unusual architectural design, character, or significance; and

(B) 50 or more years old at the time of application for a permit for the establishment or maintenance of the feature; or

(5) an amenity for the convenience of the public in the use of the municipal streets for pedestrian or vehicular travel, including a transit bus shelter, drinking fountain, or bench.

(b) The governing body may grant permission under Subsection (a) only to:

(1) a person who owns the underlying fee title to the real property; or

(2) an entity that holds a lease of the property from or has written permission to use the property from a person who owns the underlying fee title to the real property.

(c) An ornamental work described by Subsection (a)(3) may display the name of the neighborhood or subdivision, but may not contain commercial advertising or other signs.


Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 165, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.