Subtitle C: Rules of the Road

Chapter 541
Chapter 542
General Provisions
Chapter 543
Arrest and Prosecution of Violators
Chapter 544
Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
Chapter 545
Operation and Movement of Vehicles
Chapter 546
Operation of Authorized Emergency Vehicles and Certain Other Vehicles
Chapter 547
Vehicle Equipment
Chapter 548
Compulsory Inspection of Vehicles
Chapter 550
Accidents and Accident Reports
Chapter 551
Operation of Bicycles and Mopeds, Golf Carts, and Other Low-Powered Vehicles
Chapter 551A
Off-Highway Vehicles
Chapter 552
Chapter 552A
Devices Subject to Pedestrian Laws
Chapter 553
Enactment and Enforcement of Certain Traffic Laws in Certain Municipalities
Chapter 600
Miscellaneous Provisions