Subchapter B: Registration

Sec. 643.051
Registration Required
Sec. 643.052
Sec. 643.053
Filing of Application
Sec. 643.054
Department Approval and Denial; Issuance of Certificate
Sec. 643.055
Conditional Acceptance
Sec. 643.056
Supplemental Registration
Sec. 643.057
Additional Vehicles and Fees
Sec. 643.058
Renewal of Registration
Sec. 643.0585
Sec. 643.059
Cab Cards
Sec. 643.060
Temporary Registration of International Motor Carrier
Sec. 643.061
Optional Registration Periods
Sec. 643.062
Limitation on International Motor Carrier
Sec. 643.063
Vehicles Operated Under Short-Term Lease and Substitute Vehicles
Sec. 643.064
United States Department of Transportation Numbers