§4.245: Noncompliance; Sanctions

(a) The following constitutes noncompliance:

(1) A Coordinating Board Evaluation Fidelity Score of 1;

(2) A report that has not been submitted by the December 1 deadline; or

(3) A resubmitted report that has not been submitted within ten business days.

(b) For noncompliance with any Closing the Gaps by 2015 reporting requirements, including the Uniform Recruitment and Retention Strategy, the Coordinating Board shall withhold program approvals as outlined in Chapter 5, Subchapter C of this title (relating to Approval of New Academic Programs and Administrative Changes at Public Universities, Health-Related Institutions, and Assesment of Existing Degree Programs), all Coordinating Board grant funding, and up to 22 points in the Tuition Revenue Bond approval process.


Source Note: The provisions of this §4.245 adopted to be effective November 25, 2009, 34 TexReg 8318