Chapter 4: Rules Applying to All Public Institutions of Higher Education in Texas

Subchapter A
General Provisions
Subchapter B
Transfer of Credit, Core Curriculum and Field of Study Curricula
Subchapter C
Texas Success Initiative
Subchapter D
Dual Credit Partnerships Between Secondary Schools and Texas Public Colleges
Subchapter F
Texas State Science and Engineering Fair
Subchapter G
Early College High Schools and Middle Colleges
Subchapter H
P-16 College Readiness and Success
Subchapter I
Nursing Education Performance Initiative
Subchapter J
Work-Study Student Mentorship Program
Subchapter K
Instructional Material for Blind and Visually Impaired Students and Students with Dyslexia
Subchapter M
Notice Regarding the Availability of Higher Education Textbooks Through Multiple Retailers
Subchapter N
Public Access to Course Information
Subchapter O
Uniform Recruitment and Retention Strategy
Subchapter P
Approval of Distance Education Courses and Programs for Public Institutions
Subchapter Q
Approval of Off-Campus and Self-Supporting Courses and Programs for Public Institutions
Subchapter R
Review of Low-Producing Degree Programs