Chapter 50: §1915(c) Consolidated Waiver Program

Eligibility Criteria
Financial Eligibility Criteria
Individual Level of Care Criteria
Additional Eligibility Criteria Related to Level of Care
Spousal Impoverishment Provisions
Calculation of Participant Copayment
Individual Service Plan (ISP)
Right to Appeal
Provider Claims Payment
Service Array for Home and Community Support Services Providers
General Contracting
Care Options in Family Surrogate Services
Housing Options in Assisted Living/Residential Care Services
24-Hour Residential Habilitation
Maintenance of Interest Lists
Calculation of Room and Board Amounts
Circumstances Requiring Denial of Services with Advance Notice
Circumstances Requiring Denial of Services and Medicaid Eligibility Without Advance Notice
Circumstances That May Result in Denial of Services and Require Advance Notice
Crisis Intervention Requiring Immediate Suspension or Reduction of Services without Advance Notice
Immediate Suspension Due to Temporary Institutional Stay