§370.1: License Renewal

(a) Licensee Renewal: Licensees are required to renew their licenses every two years by the end of their birth month. A licensee may not provide occupational therapy services without a current license or renewal certificate in hand. If a license expired after all required items are submitted but before the licensee received the renewal certificate, the licensee may not provide occupational therapy services until the renewal certificate is in hand.

(1) General Requirements. The renewal application is not complete until the board receives all required items. The components required for license renewals are:

(A) signed renewal application form, or online equivalent verifying completion of 30 hours of continuing education, as per Chapter 367 of this title (relating to Continuing Education);

(B) the renewal fee and any late fees which may be due;

(C) a passing score on the Jurisprudence exam; and

(D) any additional forms the board may require.

(2) The licensee is responsible for ensuring that the license is renewed, whether receiving a renewal notice or not.

(3) Online Renewal. Licensees may complete their renewal online but can only continue to practice with their online receipt for 30 days from the date on the receipt.

(A) Licensees who do not have a Social Security Number on file will be unable to renew online.

(B) Licensees who are inactive status, or who wish to change their current status must renew with a paper application before the expiration date.

(C) Licensees who want to change their name on their license must submit a copy of court documents with the new name before the renewal process so that the renewal card reflects the new name. Changing the wall license requires a replacement license fee. Should the change occur out of the renewal process sequence, the licensee must pay for a duplicate renewal card and/or wall license.

(b) Restrictions to Renewal/Restoration

(1) The board will not renew a license if a licensee has defaulted with the Student Loan Corporation (TGSLC). Upon notice from TGSLC that a repayment agreement has been established, the license shall be renewed.

(2) The board will not renew a license if the licensee has defaulted on a court or attorney general's notice of child support. Upon receipt that repayment has been established, the license shall be renewed.


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