Chapter 745: Licensing

Subchapter A
Precedence and Definitions
Subchapter B
Child Care and Other Operations That We Regulate
Subchapter C
Operations That Are Exempt from Regulation
Subchapter D
Application Process
Subchapter E
Subchapter F
Background Checks
Subchapter G
Residential Controlling Person and Certain Employment Prohibited
Subchapter H
Residential Child-Care: Drug Testing and Law Enforcement Admissions
Subchapter I
Maternity Home Minimum Standards
Subchapter J
Waivers and Variances for Minimum Standards
Subchapter K
Inspections and Investigations
Subchapter L
Remedial Actions
Subchapter M
Administrative Reviews and Due Process Hearings
Subchapter N
Administrator Licensing
Subchapter O
Independent Court-Ordered Social Studies
Subchapter P
Day Care Administrator's Credential Program