Chapter 747: Minimum Standards for Child-Care Homes

Subchapter A
Purpose and Definitions
Subchapter B
Administration and Communication
Subchapter C
Record Keeping
Subchapter D
Subchapter E
Child/CAREGIVER Ratios and Group Sizes
Subchapter F
Developmental Activities and Activity Plan
Subchapter G
Basic Care Requirements for Children with Special Care Needs
Subchapter H
Basic Care Requirements for Infants
Subchapter I
Basic Care Requirements for Toddlers
Subchapter J
Basic Care Requirements for Pre-Kindergarten Age Children
Subchapter K
Basic Care Requirements for School-Age Children
Subchapter L
Subchapter M
Subchapter N
Field Trips
Subchapter P
Nighttime Care
Subchapter Q
Nutrition and Food Service
Subchapter R
Health Practices
Subchapter S
Safety Practices
Subchapter T
Physical Facilities
Subchapter U
Outdoor Safety and Play Equipment
Subchapter V
Swimming Pools and Wading/SPLASHING Pools
Subchapter W
Fire Safety and Emergency Practices
Subchapter X