Part 20: Texas Workforce Commission

Chapter 800
General Administration
Chapter 801
Local Workforce Development Boards
Chapter 803
Skills Development Fund
Chapter 807
Career Schools and Colleges
Chapter 809
Child Care Services
Chapter 811
Chapter 813
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training
Chapter 815
Unemployment Insurance
Chapter 817
Child Labor
Chapter 819
Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division
Chapter 821
Texas Payday Rules
Chapter 823
Integrated Complaints, Hearings, and Appeals
Chapter 833
Community Development Initiatives
Chapter 835
Self-Sufficiency Fund
Chapter 837
Apprenticeship Training Programs
Chapter 841
Workforce Investment Act
Chapter 843
Job Matching Services
Chapter 845
Texas Work and Family Clearinghouse
Chapter 847
Project Rio Employment Activities and Support Services
Chapter 849
Employment and Training Activities and Support Services for Dislocated Workers Eligible for Trade Benefits