Chapter 19: Nursing Facility Requirements for Licensure and Medicaid Certification

Subchapter A
Basis and Scope
Subchapter B
Subchapter C
Nursing Facility Licensure Application Process
Subchapter D
Facility Construction
Subchapter E
Resident Rights
Subchapter F
Admission, Transfer, and Discharge Rights in Medicaid-Certified Facilities
Subchapter G
Resident Behavior and Facility Practice
Subchapter H
Quality of Life
Subchapter I
Resident Assessment
Subchapter J
Quality of Care
Subchapter K
Nursing Services
Subchapter L
Dietary Services
Subchapter M
Physician Services
Subchapter N
Rehabilitative Services
Subchapter O
Dental Services
Subchapter P
Pharmacy Services
Subchapter Q
Infection Control
Subchapter R
Physical Plant and Environment
Subchapter T
Subchapter U
Inspections, Surveys, and Visits
Subchapter V
Subchapter W
Certification of Facilities for Care of Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
Subchapter X
Requirements for Medicaid-Certified Facilities
Subchapter Y
Medical Necessity Determinations
Subchapter Z
Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASARR)
Subchapter AA
Vendor Payment