§748.2605: What personal restraint techniques are prohibited?

(a) The following personal restraint techniques are prohibited:

(1) Restraints that impair the child's breathing by putting pressure on the child's torso, including restraints that obstruct the child's lungs from expanding such as leaning a child forward during a seated restraint;

(2) Restraints that obstruct the child's airway, including procedures that place anything in, on, or over the child's mouth, nose, or neck;

(3) Restraints that obstruct a caregiver's ability to view the child's face;

(4) Restraints that interfere with the child's ability to communicate or vocalize distress; or

(5) Restraints that twist or place the child's limb(s) behind the child's back.

(b) Prone and supine restraints except:

(1) As a transitional hold that lasts no longer than one minute;

(2) As a last resort when other less restrictive interventions have proven to be ineffective; and

(3) When an observer meeting the following qualifications ensures the child's breathing is not impaired:

(A) Trained to identify risks associated with positional, compression, or restraint asphyxia;

(B) Trained to identify risks associated with prone and supine holds; and

(C) Not involved in the restraint. General residential operations and residential treatment centers with a capacity of 16 or fewer children are exempt from meeting this requirement.


Source Note: The provisions of this §748.2605 adopted to be effective January 1, 2007, 31 TexReg 7377