Chapter 33: Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Program

Sec. 2451
Congressional statement of purpose
Sec. 2452
Authorization of activities
Sec. 2452a
Exchange program with countries in transition from totalitarianism to democracy
Sec. 2452b
International expositions
Sec. 2452c
Program to provide grants to American-sponsored schools in predominantly Muslim countries to provide scholarships
Sec. 2453
Agreements with foreign governments and international organizations
Sec. 2454
Sec. 2455
Sec. 2456
J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
Sec. 2457
Reports by Board
Sec. 2458
Authority of President
Sec. 2458a
Federal employee participation in cultural exchange programs
Sec. 2459
Immunity from seizure under judicial process of cultural objects imported for temporary exhibition or display
Sec. 2460
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
Sec. 2461
Exchanges between United States and independent states of the former Soviet Union
Sec. 2462
Establishment of grant program for foreign study by American college students of limited financial means
Sec. 2463
Allocation of funds transferred to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
Sec. 2464
Ethical issues in international health research