Subchapter I: Child Custody Proceedings

Sec. 1911
Indian tribe jurisdiction over Indian child custody proceedings
Sec. 1912
Pending court proceedings
Sec. 1913
Parental rights; voluntary termination
Sec. 1914
Petition to court of competent jurisdiction to invalidate action upon showing of certain violations
Sec. 1915
Placement of Indian children
Sec. 1916
Return of custody
Sec. 1917
Tribal affiliation information and other information for protection of rights from tribal relationship; application of subject of adoptive placement; disclosure by court
Sec. 1918
Reassumption of jurisdiction over child custody proceedings
Sec. 1919
Agreements between States and Indian tribes
Sec. 1920
Improper removal of child from custody; declination of jurisdiction; forthwith return of child: danger exception
Sec. 1921
Higher State or Federal standard applicable to protect rights of parent or Indian custodian of Indian child
Sec. 1922
Emergency removal or placement of child; termination; appropriate action
Sec. 1923
Effective date