Chapter 13a: Child Nutrition

Sec. 1771
Congressional declaration of purpose
Sec. 1772
Special program to encourage the consumption of fluid milk by children; authorization of appropriations; eligibility for special milk program; minimum rate of reimbursement; ineligibility of commodity only schools
Sec. 1773
School breakfast program
Sec. 1774
Disbursement directly to schools or institutions
Sec. 1775
Certification to Secretary of the Treasury of amounts to be paid to States
Sec. 1776
State administrative expenses
Sec. 1777
Use in school breakfast program of food designated as being in abundance or food donated by the Secretary of Agriculture
Sec. 1778
Nonprofit programs
Sec. 1779
Sec. 1780
Sec. 1781
Preschool programs
Sec. 1782
Centralization in Department of Agriculture of administration of food service programs for children
Sec. 1783
Appropriations for administrative expense
Sec. 1784
Sec. 1785
Accounts and records; availability for inspection; authority to settle, adjust, or waive claims
Sec. 1786
Special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children
Sec. 1788
Team nutrition network
Sec. 1789
Department of Defense overseas dependents’ schools
Sec. 1790
Breastfeeding promotion program
Sec. 1791
Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act
Sec. 1792
Promoting Federal food donation
Sec. 1793
Grants for expansion of school breakfast programs