Texas Child Protection Law Bench Book: August 2015 version

Alternatives to Removal
Legal Overview of Alternatives to Removal
A. Initiation of Investigations
B. Making a Report
C. Fourth Amendment Requirements in an Investigation
D. Orders in Aid of Investigation
E. Order Seeking Removal of Alleged Perpetrator of Physical or Sexual Abuse
F. Order for Required Participation
G. Protective Orders
H. Relinquishing Custody of Child to Obtain Certain Services
I. Child Safety Check Alert List
Legal Overview of Removal of Children
A. Removal or Conservatorship of a Child
B. Jurisdiction, Venue, and Transfer
C. Emergency Removal With a Court Order
D. Emergency Removal Without a Court Order
E. Expedited Hearing and Appeal
F. After Ex Parte Order Authorizing Removal
G. Filing Suit Prior to Taking Possession of Child
H. Service of Citation
I. Evaluation of Identified Relatives and Other Designated Individuals
J. Placement
K. Visitation Schedule
L. Placement When Child Victim of Human Trafficking
Adversary Hearing
Legal Overview of Adversary Hearing
A. Service of Citation
B. Notice
C. Hearing After Emergency Removal With or Without a Court Order
D. Hearing When Child Not in Possession of DFPS
E. If Court Does Not Remove the Child or Continue DFPS Conservatorship
F. Mandatory Appointment of Attorney for Parent
G. Transfer
H. Placement With Relatives or Designated Caregiver
I. Placement When Child Victim of Human Trafficking
J. Aggravated Circumstances
K. Decisions Regarding Education Required at Adversary Hearing
Status Hearing
Legal Overview of Status Hearing
A. Status Hearing
B. Mandatory Findings
C. Court Shall Advise/Warn Parents
D. Court Shall Review Service Plan
E. Court Shall Review Visitation Plan
F. Child Placement Resources Form
G. Permanency Planning Meetings
H. Assessments
I. Inquiry Regarding Child’s Native American Heritage
Permanency Hearing Before Final Order
Legal Overview of Permanency Hearing Before Final Order
A. Permanency Hearing Before Final Order
B. Hearing Notice is Mandatory
C. Permanency Plan for Child is Required
D. Permanency Progress Report is Required; Contents
E. Procedural and Due Process Issues
F. Mandatory Actions, Findings, and Considerations
G. Mandatory Child-Specific Considerations
H. Best Interest
I. Medical Consent
J. Notice of Significant Events
Final Hearing
Legal Overview of Final Hearing
A. Case Must Be Dismissed Within One Year
B. Court May Extend Dismissal Date if Extraordinary Circumstances
C. Monitored Return
D. Final Hearing
Permanency Hearing After Final Order (Formerly Placement Review Hearing)
Legal Overview of Permanency Hearing After Final Order
A. When Permanency Hearing After Final Order is Conducted
B. Notice of the Permanency Hearing After Final Order
C. The Child Shall Attend the Permanency Hearing After Final Order
D. Permanency Progress Report After Final Order
E. Conducting a Permanency Hearing After Final Order
F. Court Orders Related to Permanent Managing Conservatorship
G. Foster Youth Bill of Rights and Ombudsman’s Office
H. Transitional Services
I. Extended Jurisdiction for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care
Legal Overview of Appeals
A. Specific Grounds Must Be Stated In Trial Court Judgment
B. Parent Deemed Indigent on Appeal
C. Attorney Ad Litem Required to Remain on Case
D. Trial Court Clerk Has Specific, Time-sensitive Duties
E. Application of Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 13.003 Prohibited
F. Effective Assistance of Counsel
G. Order or Judgment Termination Parent-Child Relationship May Not Be Suspended During Pendency of Appeal
H. Notice of Appeal and Appellant Duties
Legal Overview of Adoption
A. Petition for Adoption
B. Documentation Required
C. Hearing
A. In Texas
B. The Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities
C. Are Reform Efforts Working?
D. What You Can Do About Disproportionality?
A. Education Data
B. Unique Challenges for Students in Foster Care
C. School Stability
D. Roles and Responsibilities Related to Education
E. School Transitions
F. Attendance and School Experience
G. Special Education and Section 504
H. Eligibility for Special Programs
I. Post-Secondary Opportunities
J. Resources
Judicial Checklists
Extending Foster Care for Transitioning Youth
A. Extended Jurisdiction
B. Trial Independence
C. Supervised Independent Living
Family Visitation
A. Court Duties
B. DFPS Best Practice Guide
C. Stages of Supervision
D. Parent Information and Observation Form
Health Care for Texas Children in Foster Care: STAR Health
A. STAR Health at a Glance
B. Physical Healthcare Benefits Provided by STAR Health
C. Behavioral Health Benefits Provided by Cenpatico
D. Who is Not Included?
E. Transitioning Youth
F. Medical Consent
G. Monitoring Psychotropic Medications
H. Health Passport
I. Court Orders for Medical Services
J. References
K. DFPS Regional Well-Being Specialists
L. Additional Links / Resources
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
A. When Does ICWA Apply?
B. Jurisdiction
C. Required Notice
D. Response of Tribe
E. Removal and Hearing
F. Rights of the Parents, Indian Custodian and Tribe
G. Statutory Placement Preferences for Indian Child
H. Conservatorship or Termination of Parental Rights of Indian Child
I. Who is a Qualified Expert Witness?
J. Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights
K. Case Notes
L. Resources
The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)
A. Purpose of the ICPC
B. ICPC Applicability
C. Jurisdiction vs. Process
D. Court Leadership
E. Expedited Placement Request
F. Visits vs. Placement
G. ICPC and Victims of Domestic Sex Trafficking
H. The Indian Child Welfare Act and the ICPC
I. Additional Resources
Permanency Care Assistance (PCA)
A. What Is Permanency Care Assistance?
B. What Should Courts Do?
C. How Does PCA Affect Older Youth?
D. What About SSA Benefits and Child Support?
E. Resources
Psychotropic Medication
A. Medical Consenter
B. Agency Oversight
C. Parental Notification of Certain Medical Conditions
D. Judicial Review
Trauma Informed Care
A. Trauma Impacts a Child’s Development and Health
B. Current Challenges
C. Trauma-Informed Practices
D. Restraint and Seclusion Guidelines
E. References
Jurist in Residence Letters
Jurist in Residence Letters
Common Acronyms and Abbreviations
Common Acronyms and Abbreviations
Long Checklists
1. Adversary Hearing
2. Show Cause Hearing
3. Status Hearing
4. Permanency Hearing Before Final Order
5. Final Order
6. Termination Grounds
7. Permanency Hearing After Final Order
8. Foster Youth Education
9. Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
10. Medical and Mental Health Care for Foster Youth
Short Checklists
1. At a Glance
2. Adversary Hearing
3. Show Cause Hearing
4. Status Hearing
5. Permanency Hearing Before Final Order
6. Final Order
7. Permanency Hearing After Final Order
8. Foster Youth Education
9. Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
10. Medical and Mental Health Care for Foster Youth