G. Training Resources

DFPS Trauma Informed Care Two-Hour Training: https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Training/Trauma_Informed_Care/default.asp

National Child Traumatic Stress Network Learning Center: https://learn.nctsn.org/

Superior Health, the STAR Health Managed Care Organization (MCO), offers online webinars: www.centenefostercare.com

The Children's Commission, in partnership with Texas CASA and the Shield Ayers Foundation, created a one-hour training to help introduce trauma-informed care to Attorneys ad Litem, Guardians ad Litem and CASA volunteers. The presentation includes strategies for advocating for children in courtrooms, schools, and placements to meet each child's unique needs. Other topics include how trauma influences a child's ability to communicate about the case and how to appropriately respond to a child's trauma-related behaviors. Video: Trauma-Informed Advocacy for Children and Youth in Foster.