C. Discussion

Judges who responded to the November 2018 survey indicated that they appoint attorneys and guardians for children in JMC cases as required under Tex. Fam. Code Chapter 107. About half of the judges surveyed reported appointing attorneys for parents as well. The vast majority of judges also reported following the same statutory hearing schedule set by Tex. Fam. Code Chapters 262 and 263 for TMC cases when presiding over JMC cases and many judges reported that they require DFPS to file a service plan required by Tex. Fam. Code § 263.101 for parents in JMC cases. Every judge who reported having JMC cases reported applying the deadlines established by Tex. Fam. Code § 263.401 and of the judges who had handled a JMC case, approximately half of those judges indicated that they had experience where termination of a parent's rights was requested or granted.